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White Glove Detailing

Our White Glove Detailing service is designed to elevate your driving experience to new heights. From the moment you entrust us with your vehicle, our skilled technicians diligently restore its pristine condition, inside and out. Using only the finest products and techniques, we meticulously clean every surface, paying particular attention to even the most minor details.


At Legacy Luxury Detail, we pride ourselves on providing the pinnacle of automotive care, especially in the challenging Texas environment where road grime, tree sap, and various contaminants can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s appearance. Our exclusive Decontamination service is the ultimate solution to safeguard your prized possession from these relentless hazards.

Unique Exterior Protection

Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of traditional carnauba wax or the cutting-edge durability of high-end specialty coatings that can last up to four years, we have the expertise and the products to deliver the protection you’re seeking.

Paint Correction

Our technicians are extensively trained in the art of paint correction, mastering the intricacies of the three-step correction method to achieve optimal results. From assessing the condition of your paint to carefully correcting imperfections and finally refining the finish to perfection, our team is committed to delivering unparalleled craftsmanship at every stage of the process.

Paint Protection Film

At Legacy Luxury Detail, we understand the importance of safeguarding your high-end vehicle against the rigors of daily use. We offer a premium Paint Protection Film service to provide unparalleled physical protection for your prized possession. Our skilled technicians meticulously tailor each film to fit your vehicle’s contours perfectly, ensuring seamless coverage and maximum protection without compromising its aesthetic appeal

Metal Polishing & Protection

At Legacy Luxury Detail, we take pride in offering one of the most satisfying services available: metal polishing and protection. Our expert technicians specialize in transforming a variety of metal surfaces, including rims, toolboxes, boat pontoons, and more, into a stunning glossy finish that catches the eye and commands attention. But we don’t just stop at achieving a brilliant finish. At Legacy Luxury Detail, we understand the importance of preserving that shine for the long term. That’s why we offer a proprietary epoxy system designed to adhere to polished surfaces, creating a durable barrier that protects against corrosion, oxidation, and other environmental factors that can dull the luster of your metal.